custom paper dolls by jeannette langmead
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custom paper dolls

Everyone loves art you can play with. Now you can have your very own customized paper doll to bring with you to parties, the bank, corporate meetings, etc. Check out some samples of my work here.

They also make great gifts for friends and enemies.

Let me give you a list of occasions.

Don't forget crushes! Is there a better way to say "I love you and stalk you online" than a couple's paper doll set?

Perfect for promotional material for your large or small or medium or pipe dream business, too!


What I need from you:

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Basic doll includes one doll with two outfits and three accessories. You will receive high resolution, full color images that you can print.

Please note if doll is intended for one-time private use, or the project is for corporate/mass produced dolls.

Let me know if you'd like quotes on getting the images printed on greeting cards, posters, postcards, card stock or whatever else you can imagine.


do it! do it! do it!