Jeannette Langmead

Jeannette Langmead is an illustrator, designer, and photographer currently based out of Portland, Oregon.

Jeannette's illustrations and comics have been published in The Portland Mercury, Medium's The Nib and Futures Exchange, NSFWCORP, PandoQuarterly, The Bygone Bureau and Zedge.

When she isn't working on custom paper dolls or creating comedy posters, she is appearing at comic shows around the pacific northwest including Vancouver Comic Arts Festival, Rose City Comicon, Jet City Comic Show, Emerald City Comicon, and Linework NW.

If you're interested in hiring Jeannette for your next project, get in touch at


Oh Joy Sex Toy vol. 2-- featuring a guest comic by Jeannette, September 2015

Call The Midwife Paper Dolls-- for PBS, March 2015

Drawing Distinctions, Linework NW Shakes Up Portland's Comics Scene-- April 2014

Underground With Portland Comics-- review of Comics Underground performance, March 2014

The Last of Us-- Medium's Futures Exchange, March 2014

Valentine's Gone Feral-- Medium's The Nib, February 2014

I Wanna Date You Like An Animal-- Medium's The Nib, December 2013

Meet Charles Koch's Brain-- illustrations in print and online editions of NSFWCORP, September 2013

Why Design Contests Are Bad for Artists-- comic printed The Portland Mercury, July 2013

Pizza Power-- comic featured in The Bygone Bureau, May 2013

Paper Dolls and Duck Dicks-- profile featured in The Portland Mercury, March 2013